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Planning Area for Skewl_of_Kewl HP RPG
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skewl_of_kewl is now CLOSED. No new applications will be accepted.

This community is directly associated with the skewl_of_kewl community. This is where the RPers will come to meet each other and to discuss story lines and characters in skewl_of_kewl.

skewl_of_kewl is a canon-based, PG-13, "het" Harry Potter RPG set in the trio's 6th year at Hogwarts. While we do not mind "shipping", our desire is to maintain a canon atmosphere with an emphasis on plot, and our tone and rules reflect that.

Mods are : qwertytigger, soundedmind, hufflefinch and miss_bossyboots

No sex - unless both characters are married to each other, please do not attempt to have them engage in sexual activity. Snogging is in, shagging is out; premarital sex (and the potential repercussions) diminishes the canon feel we hope to achieve, and also goes against the personal beliefs of some of our founders.

No slash - as there are no established homosexual characters in canon, this RPG is "het". Slash has a tendency to interfere with the friendships and other relationships as they exist in canon, and hinders the canon feel of the RPG.

Keep it PG-13 - Apologies to players outside of the US for any Googling required due to this rule. ;) Plot and character developments and actions should be appropriate reading for people thirteen and under, similar to canon. Keep this in mind as you play.

Be courteous - Please restrict all insults and nastiness to in-character remarks and be polite to the other players when out of character. If you wish to involve your character in a romance or plot with another character, always ask the player of that character for permission first.

Be in character - Stick to the character as written in the books as much as possible. Naturally, if your character is minor in canon or only exists as a name, you may invent things, but try to extrapolate from canon whenever you can.

Participate! - We have a posting requirement of once per week, but please post as much as you can, and also remember to vote in any polls and collaborate with us on plot developments at lake_view.

Just to quickly and concisely reiterate, the rules are:

No sex
No slash
Keep it PG-13
Be courteous
Be in character

If you can deal with these rules, please apply! The list of characters and the application are below!


Euan Ambercrombie 2nd
Katie Bell (quidditch_belle) 7th - Head Girl
Lavender Brown (sok_lavender) 6th
Colin Creevey 5th - Prefect
Dennis Creevey 3rd
Seamus Finnengan 6th
Victoria Frobisher 5th
Hermione Granger (miss_bossyboots) 6th - Prefect
Geoffrey Hooper 7th
Andrew Kirke 7th
Neville Longbottom (he_forgot_it) 6th
Natalie MacDonald 3rd
Parvati Patil (the_bold_one) 6th
Harry Potter (hjp_gryffindor) 6th
Jack Sloper 7th year
Patricia Stimpson 2nd
Dean Thomas 6th
Kenneth Towler 7th
Ginny Wealsey (sok_ginny) 5th - Prefect
Ron Weasley (gingercannonfan) 6th - Prefect

Stewart Ackerly 3rd
Terry Boot 6th
Mandy Brocklehurst (fuzzy_blu_sox) 6th
Cho Chang (chinadoll_cho) 7th
Roger Davies (sok_rogerdavies) 7th - Head Boy
Marietta Edgecombe (sok_edgecombe) 7th
Anthony Goldstein (gold_ant) 6th - Prefect
Su Li 6th
Luna Lovegood (_blibber_luna) 5th - Prefect (RPG)
Morag McDougal 6th
Padma Patil (the_clever_one) 6th - Prefect
Orla Quirke 3rd
Lisa Turpin <turpin_turtle) 6th

Hannah Abbot (silly_abbott) 6th - Prefect
Susan Bones (sok_susan) 6th
Elenor Branstone 3rd
Owen Cauldwell 3rd
Justin Finch-Fletchley (hufflefinch) 6th
Wayne Hopkins 6th
Megan Jones 6th
Ernie Macmillan (ernie_macpuff) 6th - Prefect
Laura Madley 3rd
Zacharias Smith (sok_zacharias) 6th
Kevin Whitby 3rd

Malcolm Baddock 3rd
Miles Bletchley 7th
Millicent Bullstrode (madmillicent) 6th
Vincent Crabbe (crabbie_4_food) 6th
Tracey Davis (green_princess) 6th
Gregory Goyle (goony_goyle) 6th
Daphne Greengrass (sok_daphne) 6th
Terence Higgs 7th
Draco Malfoy (draco_darkness) 6th - Prefect
Theodore Nott (sok_theo) 6th
Graham Pritchard 3rd
Adrian Pucey (sly_chaser) 7th
Pansy Parkinson (preying_pansy) 6th - Prefect
Blaise Zabini (slytherince) 6th

Albus Dumbledore (sok_dumbledore)
Argus Filch (im_no_squib)
The Giant Squid (im_no_squid)
Remus Lupin
Lucius Malfoy
Narcissa Malfoy
Alastor Moody
Moaning Myrtle (myrtle_moans)
Irma Pince
Poppy Pomfrey
Kingsley Shacklebolt
Severus Snape (onyx_elixir)
Nymphadora Tonks (sok_tonks)
Arthur Weasley
Bill Weasley
Charlie Weasley
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Molly Weasley
Percy Weasley

Please use this banner to promote our RPG.

Come and RP with us:D

Come and RP with us:D

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